What Kitchen Drawers Can Teach Creative Agencies About Business Infrastructure (and our need for it)

The Thing About Kitchens

My wife and I love entertaining in our home. Any chance we get to have people over for a meal is an opportunity we don’t pass up very often. There’s just something about having people in your home and taking care of them that I love. It’s really the centre of true human nature; to be together. Whether you’re just getting to know your guests or you’ve been friends for half your lives, one thing remains consistent about both parties. On the off chance that I haven’t laid it out for them, they always know where the kitchen utensils are. Missed a fork or a knife while setting the table? Did someone’s spoon fall on the floor while eating dessert? No problem, they always know where to look (unless we beat them to it).

What Do The “Next Steps” Look Like?

Why do our agencies operate differently? Why do different people across the same teams working for the same company on similar projects with similar goals go about doing the same things so differently? And each day, no doubt.

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Everything In Its Place

I remember when I was a kid, I never really lost things. Sure, there was the occasional sock that wouldn’t find it’s way back home, but for the most part, I always practiced this one principle. Wherever that thing was that I was searching for I knew that it was always in a safe place. When I took off the watch or removed my hat, I would always make sure it was in the same place every single time. If it was a high traffic area, I knew I would see it each time I needed it. The same principles were carried forward into my adult life. Each day when I get home, I remove my watch and wedding ring and place them in a metal bowl that sits on a shelf at my front door. I never lose them. My wife knows where they go. As do my kids. I’ve created a process for storing these valuables, and a culture has been formed around this.

What Is This All Costing You?

What is the cost to your business of staying the same? What is this doing to productivity? Onboarding and training? How do you set priorities? What is slipping through the cracks? In simple terms, inefficiencies in your business are laying waste to your bottom line. We’re wasting time and making things so much harder on ourselves by not taking the time to create consistency and predictability in our businesses.

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Marquis Murray

Hi, I’m Marquis, the Founder of Ditto, where we create clarity around the work done inside of organizations through creating SOPs and work management solutions.