Institutional Knowledge (sometimes referred to as “Tribal Knowledge”) is, in essence, all the information about the business that the leaders and owners who start those businesses keep locked away in their heads.

Michael Gerber, the author of “The E-myth (Revisited)” puts it plainly. The principal or owner continues “doing it, doing it, doing it” because they created the process. They know how to do it best (and even faster.) They take on all the jobs and wear all the hats because they’re either not strong delegators, or they don’t trust others on their team to carry the torch.

As the…

Woman standing in living room
Woman standing in living room

Times are uncertain. That is becoming clearer every day. David C. Baker said in a recent webinar that many of us won’t make it through this.

He reminded us that our actions now will dictate what business looks like in the future. This post isn’t yet another “end of the world as we know it” article. …

The Thing About Kitchens

My wife and I love entertaining in our home. Any chance we get to have people over for a meal is an opportunity we don’t pass up very often. There’s just something about having people in your home and taking care of them that I love. It’s really the centre of true human nature; to be together. Whether you’re just getting to know your guests or you’ve been friends for half your lives, one thing remains consistent about both parties. On the off chance that I haven’t laid it out for them, they always know where the kitchen utensils are…

Marquis Murray

Hi, I’m Marquis, the Founder of Ditto, where we create clarity around the work done inside of organizations through creating SOPs and work management solutions.

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